Shelley Kaplan - Working to Make Cathedral City the Best Place to Live, Work & Play

As your Council Member from 2014 through 2018, I want to continue the progress Team 2014 started and continue to grow the reputation of Cathedral City as the best place to live, work and play in the Coachella Valley. With major developments on the verge of realization in the downtown corridor and North of Interstate 10, over $100 million in infrastructure projects over the past 5 years, growing business development, residential development, new community programs and improved city services and public safety, Cathedral City has seen major improvements for businesses, residents and visitors alike over the past Council term. I want to work with the new Council to see that forward movement accelerate. 
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Shelley Kaplan - Trabajando para hacer de Cathedral City el mejor lugar para vivir, trabajar y jugar

Desde el 2014 hasta 2018 he sido su Representante del Consejo y quiero que me apoyen para continuar con el progreso de nuestra ciudad, 

Nuestro trabajo en equipo comenzó en el 2014 y continúa creciendo para una mejor  reputación de Cathedral City como el mejor lugar para vivir, trabajar y jugar en el Valley de Coachella.  Con los principales proyectos a punto de realizarse en el centro de la ciudad y al norte de la Interestatal 10, más de $ 100 millones en proyectos de infraestructura en los últimos 5 años, desarrollo de negocios en crecimiento, desarrollo residencial, nuevos programas comunitarios y mejores servicios de la ciudad y seguridad pública, Cathedral City  ha tenido muchas mejoras para las empresas, residentes y visitantes en el último período del Consejo.  Quiero que me apoyen para continuar trabajando con el nuevo Consejo para ayudar a que este movimiento de avance se acelere.

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Kaplan Seeks Vacant Seat in Cathedral City

UKEN Report | June 11, 2019

CATHEDRAL CITY — Shelley Kaplan, a former member of the City Council, is looking to return to the dais in a special, District 1 election in August.

He has one challenger: Rita Lamb.

Uken Report sent both candidates a series of identical questions and invited them to respond. Kaplan responded first.

His answers appear as he submitted them. They were not edited.

Uken Report (UR):

Kaplan: Let’s just say I am mature and experienced …Read more


Organizations Who Have Endorsed Shelley Kaplan

Organizaciones que han respaldado a Shelley Kaplan

  • Desert Stonewall Democrats
  • Democratic Women of the Desert
  • The Cathedral City Gay Business Association
  • The Cathedral City Police Officers Association
  • The Cathedral City Firefighters Association  “Mr. Kaplan has been dedicated to public safety and has the experience to help the city move forward toward the future. Please join us in helping Mr. Kaplan get elected.”
  • La Asociación de Bomberos de la Ciudad de la Catedral  “El Sr. Kaplan se ha dedicado a la seguridad pública y tiene la experiencia para ayudar a la ciudad a avanzar hacia el futuro. Por favor, únase a nosotros para ayudar al Sr. Kaplan a ser elegido.”
  • Riverside County Democratic Party
  • Inland Empire Labor Council, AFL-CIO, San Bernardino
  • Riverside Counties and the Committee of Political Education (COPE)
  • Recommended for Endorsement by the endorsement committee
    of the Democrats of the Desert / Recomendado para su aprobación por el Comité de aprobación de los Demócratas del Desierto

Some of the City Council Members from Coachella Valley Cities Who Have Endorsed Shelley Kaplan

Algunos de los miembros del Consejo Municipal de las Ciudades del Valle de Coachella que han respaldado a Shelley Kaplan

  • Ray Gregory – Cathedral City
  • Geoff Kors – Palm Springs
  • Christie Holstege – Palm Springs
  • Lisa Middleton – Palm Springs
  • Russell Betts – Desert Hot Springs
  • Charlie Townsand – Rancho Mirage
  • Sabby Jonathan – Palm Desert
  • Dana Reed – Indian Wells
  • Waymond Fermon – Indio
  • Megan Beaman Jacinto – Coachella

Some of the local residents who have endorsed Shelley Kaplan

Algunos de los residentes locales que han respaldado a Shelley Kaplan

  • John & Antonio Baciu
  • Dan Bowe
  • Denise Bowman Rodriquez
  • Thomi Clinton
  • Josie & Jay Diaz
  • Sergio Especuerta
  • Art Gregoire & Terry Nelson
  • John Rivera Mendoza
  • Lynne O’Neill
  • Tim Parrott
  • Nancy Ross
  • Valerie Schecter
  • Christian Sesma
  • Lewis Stewart
  • Dirk Tacke
  • Sue Townsley
  • Chip Yarborough & Michael Ramos
  • Geoffrey Zamboni & Alfred Neil

Eduardo Garcia Endorses Shelley Kaplan

Joe Duffle, President of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1167 Endorses Shelley Kaplan

Art Gregoire, Realtor
& District 1 Resident Endorses Shelley Kaplan

Eduardo Garcia Endorses Shelley Kaplan

Joe Duffle, President of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1167 Endorses Shelley Kaplan

Art Gregoire, Realtor &District 1 Resident Endorses Shelley Kaplan

Shelley Kaplan Signs Elections Code of Fair Campaign Practices

Shelley Kaplan has signed the Code of Fair Campaign Practices (ELECTIONS CODE § 20440).
Shelley has pledged to adhere to the principles of decency, honesty, and fair play.
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Shelley Kaplan Campaign Platform

  1. Finalize agreements for open land development
  2. Working with property owners/Chamber to help market vacant storefront
  3. Continue Streamlining of permit processes/business licenses
  4. Continue to Improve image of city streets and key views and entrance points
  5. Surveying of needs by location and neighborhood
  6. Complete implementation of Downtown District Development plan – multiuse projects with residential, commercial, retail, restaurants, hospitality, entertainment, parks, events spaces, with a small village look and feel.
  7. Continue to expand visual arts in the city – sculptures, murals, signage, color palette, banners etc.
  8. Evaluation of opportunities for adding manufacturing businesses
  9. Creation of new job opportunities, project labor agreements and Community benefits agreements.
  10. Continue implementing pavement management plan
  11. Support COD plans for local training facility
  12. Work with Riverside University Health Services on establish a new Heath facility (Federally Qualified) in Cathedral City
  13. Work with Greater CV Chamber to support businesses
  14. Establish a human rights commission in Cathedral City
  1. Continue support for Communications/Events Manager Chris Parman
  2. Continue to expand communications programs for city-wide events and support for private events happening in the city – use of street display boards and social media
  3. Expand our publicity to other valley cities
  4. Support for business community and their special events and activities
  5. Evaluate annual magazine publication focused on Cathedral City Events and businesses
  6. Re-evaluate City Hall at your corner to increase resident participation.
  7. Develop Plans for a city Community Center to provide for community activities and program support
  8. Expansion of existing fun events oriented towards families, youth, and aging populations – review opportunities for the Festival Lawn and implement use of new Community Amphitheater.
  9. Continue support for existing events
  10. Creation of Neighborhood Councils for communications improvements both among the residents and with the city staff
  11. Prioritization of neighborhood improvement programs with schedules for work – expand place based initiatives
  12. Support for low and moderate income housing for the city with added focus on needs for elderly population.
  13. Support for completion of existing permitted communities as well as new residential developments
  14. Improved traffic controls, traffic calming measures and street improvements
  15. On-going development of city parks and playgrounds to address recreational opportunities and facilities improvements
  16. Implement vote on expansion of the Desert Recreation District
  17. Continue to evaluate optimum staffing levels at police and fire departments.
  18. Expand neighborhood policing
  19. Expand outreach programs for both fire safety and police, link with Neighborhood Councils
  20. Address approach to code enforcement and review and help develop cadre of support through churches and other non-governmental agencies
  21. Support Expansion of youth oriented programs
  22. Support programs that provide new skills for changing job market like the Digital Arts Technology Academy
  23. Support new programs oriented towards seniors
  24. Help develop specific fitness programs to keep seniors healthy and mobile
  25. Continue discussion of ways to improve local transportation services
  26. Support CV Link and bike/walking path plans and integrate with city plans
  27. Expand public CNG and Plug recharging stations
  28. Continue to support regional and local approaches to addressing homelessness.
  1. Water management and use reduction. Economic development requires clear paths to maintain sufficient resources. This requires work with the DWA and CVWA as well as new regulations to encourage ongoing Xeri-scape landscaping and continued conservation programs
  2. Continue to encourage energy reduction and expansion of alternative energy resource uses.
  3. Evaluate best approaches to implement Desert Community Energy program
  4. Complete update of city’s General Plan
  5. Continue ongoing review of city buildings for sustainability improvement opportunities
  6. Support plans to address the issues relating to the Salton Sea
  7. Continue discussion with neighboring towns on how to share resources and coordinate event communications

Shelley Kaplan is Committed to Cathedral City

"I appreciate people thinking that I saved the center, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Shelley saved the center. Thinking strategically, Shelley developed a plan, and we worked together to put the plan in place."
Bob McKechnie
Cathedral City Senior Center Director


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